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Experts in Web Technology

A passionate team. Proven expertise. Cutting edge websites.

The Web can improve the way your business operates – by making a distinctive first impression, giving customers easy access to your information, streamlining processes or selling products. We combine your industry knowledge with our creativity and expertise to give your customers a stand-out experience, keep coming back, and refer your business to others.

We deliver a website that stands out, generates leads, sells more and increases profits.


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” Mark Twain, writer

Talk to us if...

  • You’ve outgrown your existing website

  • You’re flat out doing what you do and you want your website upgraded with minimum time input from you

  • You need your website to increase conversions with more visitors becoming customers

  • You need to rank well in search engines

  • Your website must be mobile/tablet responsive

  • You want to impress your customers and give them an experience they won’t forget

Recent Favourites

If you see value in investing in a strong web presence that will achieve the results you want, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Business website services available


"In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible." Seth Godin, web guru

Talk to us if...

  • You’ve researched your market, recognised a gap, and have the perfect product to fill it

  • You have ideas for your online store that require the flexibility of a custom build

  • You want to work with a developer with lots of ideas who will energise your push to become a dominant player in your market

  • You see your online store being so engaging your customers enjoy shopping and they will come back for more

  • You want the user experience to be so intuitive that your customers have the answers to their questions even before they think to ask them

  • You need a team that utilises the latest technology, SEO techniques, user interface design principles and digital market research to make the most of your offering

  • You understand that having a shopfront is only the beginning and that you also need a marketing strategy which will show the world your fabulous product (Have your own plan? Fantastic. Need one? We can help.)

  • It is imperative that every aspect of your website is considered carefully

Recent Favourites

If you’re ready to take online selling seriously, and to work collaboratively with a team of experts to achieve great results, get in touch.

Ecommerce website services available


"Don't make me think!" Steve Krug, usability expert

Talk to us if...

  • Your business is relatively small and you just want a simple website

  • You know what you want to say but the technical aspects of a making or managing a website are overwhelming

  • You have a fairly tight budget but you still need something you are proud of

Recent Favourites

For $1500 or less you can be up and running with a crisp web presence that reflects your branding. Call or email now for more information.

Startup website services available

it & email

"The sky's about to fall!" Chicken Little, weather watcher

XYZ Support offers on-site setup, updating and pwroblem solving for office PC systems. We use the latest technologies and current low-cost solutions for small businesses throughout the Port Macquarie region.
We troubleshoot individual PC issues, design and implement new or upgraded office networks and help with setting up cloud based information interchange.

We know how challenging it can be to have your own email addresses, but ‘’ style emails are essential to fostering confidence in your customers that your business is well organise and able to handle their needs.

Talk to us if...

  • Your hard drive is clogging up and you need secure file storage

  • Your office PC network is growing and you want clean connection between all users

  • Your Wi-Fi or wired network is playing up

  • Your accounting system wants to migrate your business to cloud-based everything

  • You need email addresses for anywhere from a few to twenty personnel

  • You have looked at Microsoft Exchange and found it too vast for your needs

  • You want to have, but don’t know how to manage, ‘info@’, ‘sales@, or ‘service@’ style email addresses

If you’re looking for confidence in your office PC system, and sleep at night, get in touch.

IT & email support services available

the team

XYZ—Port Macquarie's largest in-house web development team—is passionate about creating and developing great ideas and new techniques. Our trusted off-site specialists work with us to provide the exact service you need.

A combination of individual expertise and collaboration produces websites that not only look great but have the latest technologies such as mobile responsiveness, easy-to-use client management systems, SEO and content that people actually want to read.

Zoe Van Mill

  • Business Owner
  • Web Developer
  • Complex Coding
  • Email Support

Allan Pogonowski

  • Business Owner
  • Process Manager
  • IT Support
  • Online Marketing

Dylan Smith

  • Admin & Accounts
  • Web Updates
  • Wix Specialist
  • Domains & Hosting

Helen Pogonowski

  • Copy Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Testing and Usability


Excellent support from our favourite experts

Greg Bell


Josh Howell


Don Vordulf

Graphic Design

Jayden Petherick

Web Development

Louise Turner

Web Development

Mokarram Kahn

Bootstrap Specialist

Our Clients

We would like to express our gratitude to all the fabulous clients we have worked with over the years. Thank you for keeping us in business, and thank you for giving us the challenges that keep us at the cutting edge.

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XYZ Support
Business & Ecommerce Website Development
20 Swift Street
Port Macquarie
NSW 2444

Office: 02 6584 5525
Zoe: 0412 299 772
Allan: 0487 101 050